“World Moral Day “observed with a deafening call to safguard endangered Morality

The efforts have to be geared up further as the unsparing virius has ripped open stark reality of personal hatred, parochial approach and  selfish motives in the society though there was a dire need of mutual cooperation and solidairity in this hour to cope up with chllanges and crisis,Abdul Basit Syed, Founder Chairman WHD avers


Sidestepping Coroanvirus woes, An International NGO, World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) this week organized several programs worldwide to mark   September 2 as the “World Moral Day” and resolved to redeem its efforts to prevail upon the World body, the United Nations, to officially declare the day as The World Moral day for spreading the morality across the globe in the wake of the fast deteriorating values.

The efforts have to be geared up further as the unsparing virus has ripped open the stark reality of personal hatred, parochial approach, and selfish motives in the society though there was a dire need of mutual cooperation and solidarity in this hour to cope up with challenges and crisis, Abdul Basit Syed, Founder Chairman WHD avers.

He laid thrust on the morality in the society and observed if it is compromised, nothing would be left to look far.

His organization has in a communication to the United Nations to declare Sep 2 as the ‘” World Moral day “to spread the most sought after virtue. He opined that it was this virtue which had suffered most during the current crisis time, so it must be redeemed every year with full vigor to safeguard humanity in such a global crisis.

The WHD organized:

Sana, Yemen, – “Youth Empowering Sustainable Development Goals” organized by Yemen Chapter of “World Humanitarian Drive (WHD)” an International non-profit organization with operations in 12 countries.


The role of youth in today’s world is predominant as youth seek for more arenas in every element of global development through their determination to succeed, and it is WHD vision to empower them to do greater things for their nation and world.

This is one such event organized by WHD Yemen Chapter Secretary-General Dr. Fouad ALGhaffari to strengthen the ties of youth with the understanding & vision of SDGs of the UN, as any hard task can be accomplished with the right minds of youth.


During this event, WHD Yemen chapter members voiced their support for the UN to declare the 2nd of September as “World Moral Day”. The voices of Yemen is so powerful as Yemeni’s understand, peace is what needed most than anything else in this world, and believe peace & harmony can be delivered through this noble campaign of World Moral Day.



September 2nd  London, U.K., – “Embracing World Moral Day” This is a remarkable day in history as the end day of WWII, “World Humanitarian Drive” (WHD)” organized thousands of its followers, friends, and supporters to celebrate “World Moral Day” on the 2nd of September as a reminder to embrace morality for peace within humanity.


The world is in need of so many significant contributions from different fields to heal, but most important of them all is “morals and values”. Progress without morals; profits without ethics; development without humanity; and prosperity without peace, can disrupt the structure of our human society. WHD understood these societal problems and designed its events to create awareness and to remind people of the significance of truth, loyalty, generosity, integrity, compassion, honesty, love, and equality.



This virtual event was organized by Mr.Eugene Ankomah, Secretary-General of WHD UK Chapter, who gave the welcome address, followed by a slide show presentation on the importance of morality, after which a series of exciting impactful contributions from eminent personalities, like Dr. Nemi, Ms. Esther Austin, Dr. Alex Davidovsky, Ms. Kamay Lau, Mr. Blake Gibbons, and Hon. Sam Adofo who shared his great thoughts of support on World moral day.


Excitements filled the audience with the poem recitations by Mr. Jim Osman and Ms. Bella Tran, as poems are a powerful tool to convey emotions and thoughts, the ambiance was made more blissful with a live Acapella performed by Mr. Sam Osman and opera singing performed by Ed Mizra, continued by World moral day support video created by youth board members of the WHD India chapter who shared their testimonials to create an impact to shed more light on the importance of world moral day.


WHD Founder Chairman of WHD – Dr. Abdul Basit Syed, gave a moving Vote of Thanks to showing his gratitude to all the noble supporters of WHD for making this event for World Moral Day a great success all around the world.


September 2nd Dhaka, Bangladesh, – “Humanitarian Activism” this powerful event was organized to reach the grassroots of a mass population in the densely populated Dhaka, by Mr. Ratan Kumar Das, Secretary-General of WHD Bangladesh, who himself is a well known Humanitarian organized this commendable event with their team of highly spirited volunteers – (Mr. Firoz Alam Sumon, Mr. Syed Azmul Haque, Mr. Ariful Islam Razib, and Italy Karmakar) striving to achieve the desired results of World Moral Day despite the challenges of a pandemic by distributing aids like PPE kits, mask & gloves, food and other essential rations to the needful.

Hearing the voice of hunger and responding to it with the message of love and care is the moral duty of every human being. WHD, as an organization was started to promote this idea of humanitarianism to remove humans from the clutches of darkness through noble initiatives, ideas, and strategies, these deeds, are a direct inspiration of  World Moral Day.


Sept 2nd, Kathmandu, Nepal, –  “A Morale Mellow”-  A support song was released by the Honourable Chief Guest H.E. Madhav Kumar Nepal, Former PM of Nepal, who gave his strong support for this campaign “World Moral Day” during his speech he inspired people to stay in the path of righteousness and commended the efforts of WHD initiatives and its Founder Dr. Abdul Basit Syed.

The former Prime Minister also praised the dedication shown by the youth as admirable winning this herculean task for creating the dream of World Moral Day to become a reality in a song effect. The event was appreciated by Ms. Janaki Gurung the Secretary-General of WHD Nepal Chapter. This song was fully recomposed by the WHD Indian Youth Members and was highly appreciated by a wide range of audiences all around the world.


September 3rd Tamilnadu, India, – “Gifting Nature” – A Commendable humanitarian activism done by WHD India Chapter in collaboration with National Educational Trust from the Inspirations of World Moral Day.


WHD deeply appreciated the facilitator of this noble activity Dr. A. Mohamed Mohideen, a recipient of the prestigious Global Humanitarian Award.

Beginning with Planting Trees, distributing seeds and saplings free to thousands of people organized in 3 different cities Chennai, Tirunelveli, and Kallidaikurichi in Tamilnadu, India.


This initiative of planting and preserving vibrancy to nature will stand there as a testimony of WHD inspirations from World Moral Day for the future generations.

The desire to have a “World Moral Day” as a way of life is not only a moral dream of WHD and its Founder Dr. Abdul Basit Syed, but it is imperative in making. WHD has further announced multiple future events in the 12 countries they are in operation during this month of September 2020 in dedication for their campaign of World Moral Day.

WHD an organization striving with passion taking courageous efforts in organizing multiple events, initiatives, and programs in different countries unifying the force of humanity with love as the only objective to achieve the desired results of peace and happiness in this world is praiseworthy.



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