WHD Organises camps for Breast Cancer Awareness in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, India 22, October 2021. “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” #WHD Tamil Nadu State President Mrs Meenakshi SMS on behalf of WHD India organised an Awareness Program in collaboration with Youth Red Cross of Govt Arts & Science College, Srirangam to elaborate on the overview of cancer that will aid in detecting and diagnosing with the early symptoms.

The special lecture was presented by Dr. M. Sivakumar MBBS, MCh, MS, DNB, FMAS., is currently a Consultant Surgical Oncologist in Chennai and Tanjore.

These programs of WHD are formulated to highlight the importance of having an enriched lifestyle that will have a greater impact on the outcome of both mental and physical well being.

World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) is an International NGO founded by Dr Abdul Basit Syed, an International Peace Activist, WHD is affiliated with UPF which is United Nation’s highest status ECOSAC General granted organisation.

WHD currently has humanitarian operations in twelve countries with more then 12,000 volunteers to promote its goal Peace, Education and Trade Harmony  globally.

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