VMRDA Will focus on master plan projects and  Flyover project

B Sanyasi Rao

Visakhapatnam, Sep 6  (News abode) The Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority (VMRDA) Chairman Dronamraju Srinivasa Rao today announced there would be no dilution and deviation of priorities for the creation of infrastructure, laying roads as per the Master Plan and development of layouts to generate more revenue.

“The city has scope for expansion in the north-east direction at Anandapuram and beyond. Satellite townships would be developed to ease congestion. Layouts Would be modeled on the Dakamarri joint venture project executed by the erstwhile VUDA,”

Mr. Srinivasa Rao told the media on the occasion of the first anniversary of the VMRDA, Referring to the progress of various projects undertaken by the VMRDA, the Chairman said the ongoing work pertaining to widening of the single lane 9-km road from Anandapuram Junction to Boni village undertaken with an estimated expenditure of Rs 7.55 crore would be completed by January next. “Of the 24 roads proposed in the Master Plan, seven are in various stages of completion.

The Top priority will be given for the early completion of the NAD flyover,” Mr. Srinivasa Rao said. The other projects proposed afresh included the construction of a commercial complex at Ramnagar at an estimated cost of  Rs.13 crore,

Restoration, and redevelopment of the hilltop Kailasagiri project at a cost of  Rs.56.65 crore. Referring to the comprehensive development of Yarada hills, the VMRDA Chairman said there was no objection to the project undertaken by the government and the work could be undertaken on the undisputed land.

“Town hall meetings will be conducted to elicit views of citizens including distinguished persons on the projects in the pipeline. Heritage buildings such as Old Town Hall, Municipal Council Hall and the other buildings in I Town area will be protected,” he said, adding that the VMRDA would launch the weekly grievance redress programme ‘Spandana.’

All building and layout approvals and transferable development rights are being sanctioned online,

VMRDA Commissioner P. Koteswara Rao, adding that all the records including land details allotted by the government would be a digitized library.

He  said that the existing Master Plan would be valid till 2021 and the preparation of a new one by the Lea Associates was expected to be ready by March next year.

“The new Master Plan will be valid till 2041. The GIS-based plan comprises several layers. Among the components to be completed are four deliverables and nine zone development plans.

Work on the integrated museum project would be undertaken, with the first phase covering renovation of Rajiv Smruti Bhavan for Sea Harrier Museum. “The underground passage will not be a part of the project, while the underground parking will be retained. Discussions are on with the Navy officials to finalize the plans,”

He further said that the VMRDA Board had approved the redevelopment of the Mudasarlova Park and the first phase would be taken up at a cost of Rs.19 crore.

VMRDA Secretary A. Srinivas and Chief Engineer V. Chandraiah and officials were present on the occasion. Presenting an action plan for the 2019-20 fiscal year,


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