“UN Security Council should recognize Morocco Sahara to build peace”

“UN Security Council should recognize Morocco Sahara to build peace” says Dr K J Purshotam, International Human Rights Expert
In order to build peace in the Northern African Region of Morocco Sahara, The UN Security Council should recognise Morocco Sahara to help build peace in the region, rather than just passing resolutions after resolutions on the Refugee conflict, said world renowned Human Rights Expert Dr KJ Purshotam.
In order to build peace in the region he appeals the UN to consider investing in social peace. Commit to investing in the education infrastructure needed for real peace by helping to build an identity for Morocco Sahara future.
Dr KJ Purshotam said Morocco Sahara has successfully transformed small-scale projects such as those focused on climate change, food security, female entrepreneurship & education, community Centres and hospitality development in the area giving a dignity for the Saharawi people to build their own lives, which is a milestone achievement by the Moroccan government.
Dr K J Purshotam further stated “We have all heard the voices of the Saharawi people to live as one family under Morocco. We must all unite to build a popular belief that peace is actually possible only under Morocco, and that all people, have an integral role and a responsibility in its pursuit, as we all hold the key for a brighter future”
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