PM Modi sends clear message to China:Don’t take India for granted

By Devsagar Singh

PM Modi sends  clear message to China: Don’t take India for granted

New Delhi, July 3: By his surprise visit to Leh and some forward areas of Ladakh and addressing the armed forces posted there today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sent a  clear message to China that India can go to any length to protect its borders. Simultaneously,  Modi has given a big boost to soldiers at the LAC and other areas assuring them of the country’s full support.

That China got a jolt immediately is proved from the fact that its New Delhi embassy reacted within hours of the visit by stating that his country had no expansionist designs. The Prime Minister in his speech to jawans at Leh had said without naming China that the era of expansionism was over. Encouraging jawans for their valor, Modi said the country was confident of its secure borders because of them. There was no question of losing an inch of the country’s territory, he had thundered.

Rejecting the Prime Minister’s expansionist charge, the Chinese embassy said China had settled its issues with a dozen countries, thereby sending a subtle hint that it was not averse to solving problems with India.  New Delhi has always stood for peace and tranquility at the borders with China. The 1993 border agreement with China mainly arrived at the behest of India. It was followed by several subsequent measures to keep the border peaceful.

Despite these measures, however, China frequently sought to disrupt peace at the border in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh resulting in occasional skirmishes. India, on the other hand,  did little to annoy the neighbor. It extended its hands of friendship to China as indicated by as many as 18 meetings between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping.

The Prime Minister’s latest move has received all-round appreciation in the country as nations around the world are bound to notice the visit as clear Indication that India was willing to take the bull by the horns. The Government’s action of banning 59 Chinese mobile apps has been appreciated by the US which has already blacklisted some of the Chinese companies as security concerns.

Accompanying swift actions on several other fronts, namely defense,  by India has also sent strong signals to China. Among these are fresh purchases of Mig 29 and Sukhoy fighter planes from Russia to bolster its preparedness.  India may not have received support upfront from the international community over its border tension with China. But neighboring countries like Japan, Australia, and Vietnam have spoken openly in the past against China. As quad members, Japan, Australia, and India are at one with the US to check China’s hegemonistic moves.

A virtually closed country with a totalitarian regime, China will never be able to take on India in the long run. As a vibrant democracy, India will stand its ground with the world’s backing behind it.  Prime Minister Modi  by his border visit  has pitted India against China without declaring anything in the open. It is for China to take the hint. If it does not, it will be squarely responsible for the consequences.  It needs to act soon and disengage its forces from  Pangong Pso , Depsang plane, and Galwan Valley areas and return to negotiating table for a peaceful settlement with India.

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