MICROCHIP SHORTAGE:The U.S. Car Models Most Impacted By The Microchip Shortage

By  Niall McCarthy

Niall McCarthy


MICROCHIP SHORTAGE: The U.S. Car Models Most Impacted By The Microchip Shortage

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles have been taken out of production in North America due to an ongoing microchip shortage. Vital for everything from a vehicle’s onboard computer and infotainment system to important safety features like anti-lock breaks and stability control, the chips have been in short supply around the world for months. Many factors contributed to the shortage such as a fire at an automotive chip plant in Japan, tighter supply chains after the Ever Given grounding in the Suez Canal, as well as a lack of oil for the plastic used in chips due to the big freeze in Texas. The pandemic of course also played a roll with many automakers canceling orders due to slacking demand for vehicles, a decision they are now regretting as the market recovers.

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