It’s in  Black & White :Lahaul valley beauty is intact

By Ashok Kaul

It’s in  Black & White: Lahaul valley beauty is intact

It's in  Black & White :Lahaul valley beauty is intact
It’s in  Black & White:Lahaul valley beauty is intact PICTURE:- Ashok KAUL

For me, It is in Black and White that the beauty in Lahaul valley is always mesmerizing, and it is beyond my imagination that beauty is intact despite swirling climate change concerns. 

While catching nature’s bounty during spring, I rode through this valley and found that the beautiful expanse of the valley is too beautiful to be caught by the lens, but I  made an attempt to do so. The reality on the ground is far more captivating than the frame. 

This is how Eminent photographer Ashok Kaul is currently touring HP to catch the spring mood, writes about the valley which he was envisioning must have suffered a major blow due to climate change’s adverse impact.


The Lahaul and Spiti district in the State of Himachal Pradesh consists of the two formerly separate districts of Lahaul and Spiti. The present administrative center is Kyelang in Lahaul. Before the two districts were merged, Kardnag was the capital of Lahaul, and Dhankar is the capital of Spiti. The district was formed in 1960 and is the fourth least populous district in India. It is the least densely populated district of India, according to the Census of India 2011.



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