“Hallyu” tune has set Indians aflutter to look at Korea as a preferred tourist destination

“Hallyu” tune has set Indians aflutter to look at Korea as a preferred tourist destination

Indian tourists can hope to start visiting South Korea by the end of December when the Covid 19 pandemic would have come down considerably. Holding out this possibility, Young Geul Choi, Director, Korea Tourism Organization (India) said slowly the world is recovering from the pandemic and countries are opening their borders one by one.


“I hope India- Korea travel would start by the end of this year. So that Korean fans in India can visit soon. I hope to see you all in Korea”, he said. He was speaking at a Webinar organized by The Hindu publication on Thursday on the theme “Rising Korean Wave and how it will influence post-pandemic travel to Korea”.



He said with Tourism being hit hard by the pandemic South Korea adopted a unique strategy of promoting the country through a concept called “Hallyu” or ‘Korean Wave’ which has become a global phenomenon now. People all over the world are watching Korean drama, cuisine, fashion, cosmetics, and Korean pop. ‘Hallyu’ is one of the unique strategies adopted by Korea which leveraged the ‘online’ platform post-pandemic to promote its tourism and its products, which has already become popular among foreigners.



In her introductory remarks, Ms. Rathi Jafer, Director, Indo-Korean Centre, highlighted the increasing collaboration in creating innovative ideas for content for a TV channel promoting Korea. She also highlighted the increasing interest among Indians to learn the Koran language more than for jobs to enjoy that country’s richness in music, art, and entertainment.


Recounting their interest in Korea, panelists Chinmaya Sripada, popular Tamil Playback singer, Scherezade Shroff, fashion, beauty, travel lifestyle content creator, and Chef Vikramjit Roy narrated their experiences in extending their creative expertise in popularising Korea among Indians. They also highlighted similarities of interest and tradition besides the usage of herbs in their beauty and cuisines as one of the reasons for increasing interest in Korea among


Mr. Shroff said K-dramas provided a great viewing experience and spoke about the strong messages the shows had. Ms. Sripada has set up an outlet of Koran cosmetics based on natural herbs like Gin Seng and other products used for beauty or K-beauty. Mr. Roy talked about the cuisines he prepares to kindle the taste bud of Indians.


Mr. Sandeep Dutta, Marketing Manager, Korean Tourism Organization said that country had plenty of tourist attractions, which included some interesting locales being used in films and dramas based on Korean tradition and history.


On the resumption of tourist traffic from India to Korea, he said with mass vaccination a program that the country was expected to achieve “herd immunity” by the end of September. Korea is also launching a ‘vaccine passport’ by the end of this month. He said by the end of this year the country should be able to receive tourists without having to subject tourists to



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