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Experts : Time ripe to move Blockchains beyond data storage to create Knowledge Chains

Experts: Time ripe to move Blockchains beyond data storage to create Knowledge Chains

“In this era of big data, we need to move Blockchains beyond data storage to create Knowledge Chains”, says Prof Raj Jain at Distinguished Global Indian Speaker Series at Amity University Haryana


Gurugram, March 24, 2021: Cognizant of the fact that BlockChain technology’s growing role, Experts at a webinar here have said that Blockchain and Artificial Technology will help well-informed and smart decisions in various displines and the future engineers must brace up to have a full grip on these technologies. 


Amity University Haryana organized its 12th Session of prestigious “Distinguished
Global Indian Speaker Series (DGISS)” by felicitating today  Prof. (Dr) Raj Jain,
Barbara J. Jerome R. Cox, Jr., Professor of Computer Science, Washington
University in St. Louis, the USA in the august presence of Dr. Aseem Chauhan, Vice-Chancellors, Deans, senior scientists, and Heads of Institutions of Amity Universities in India and campuses abroad.


Expressing his delight at felicitating the illustrious Prof Raj Jain, Dr
Aseem Chauhan said, “This series recognizes and honors distinguished global
Indian academicians have reached exemplary heights in their field of
expertise and have achieved excellence of the highest order in their profession.
While their fame and accolades resonate across the world, they continue to have
their roots firmly embedded in India”. Blockchain and AI are critical to our abilities
to make well-informed and smart decisions, added Dr. Chauhan.


Prof Raj Jain delivered a highly informative and inspiring webinar on “Blockchain
with AI for Risk Management" that was attended by over 1081 participants who
registered for the webinar and several thousand more who watched it live as


Blockchain and AI being the technologies impacting a whole range of human
endeavors and economic activities around the globe have a great role to play for
the future of a global knowledge society that is empowered by the power of the mind
and the power of connectivity, said Vice-Chancellor Prof PB Sharma while delivering his welcome address.


“In this age of uncertainty and the age of ever-increasing speed of transactions, security of data, integrity, and reliability of information and our ability to transform large data into knowledge and provide a secured environment for work and business holds an important agenda today when the ‘World is one and so well connected”, he added. 


In his keynote presentation Prof. (Dr) Raj Jain described in great detail about
‘Blockchains with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Risk Management. The whole idea
of Blockchain Technology is to transform big data into knowledge and use AI to
create Knowledge Chains to derive a deeper meaning of the data and information.
Professor Jain also highlighted the importance of Blockchain technology in
creating a highly secured decentralized system of work and business activity as
against the centralized systems that we were accustomed to in the post-industrialized era.


Today in the post-Covid digital era, decentralization has become a new normal of our work and business activity.  The key to smart decisions lie in effective integration of AI with Blockchain technology, opined
Prof Raj.


“Blockchains has found numerous applications in Fintech, Supply chains, and
contracts because it is an ideal distributed consensus where all nodes agree on
the validity of transactions in a block without needing a centrally trusted party.
The consensus is binary – agree or disagree – True or False. In this era of big data,
we need to move blockchains beyond data storage to provide knowledge. In the
real world, there are many situations in which various participants may not fully
agree, and their opinions may be probabilistic, leading to probabilistic
agreements” added Prof Raj.


The webinar was organized by Dr. Gunjan M Sanjeev, Vice President of RBEF and
Director, International Affairs at AUH and was coordinated by Ms. Shaivy Sharma
for which excellent IT support was provided by Dr. JS Sodhi and his team.
Several senior officials actively participated in the discussion that included Dr
Padmakali Banerjee Pro VC, Dr. Vikas Madhukar, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dr
Rajendra Prasad, Dean and Director- AIB, Maj Gen P K Sharma (Retd), Dean and
Director- ALS, Dean Prof U N Singh, Maj Gen GS Bal, Dean SW, Dr. Manish Verma,
Director – ASCO, Dr. Ila Joshi Gupta, Director – ASAP, Dr. AK Yadav, Director-ASAS,
Dr. Atul Thakur Director Nano Science and Technology, Dr. Arvind Chabra Director
Stem Cell Institute and a large number of faculty members and research scholars.



The session emerged as a great platform where all participants came forward
enthusiastically to ask searching questions that were responded by Prof Raj with
great clarity and in-depth understanding. In the past, the Distinguished Global Indian Series at Amity Gurugram has been addressed by distinguished global Indians such as *Brief Note on Distinguished Global Indian Speaker series at AUH*.


Below is the list of past speakers who have been felicitated at this prestigious
forum: Dr. K Sudhir, James L. Frank Professor of Marketing, Enterprise, and Management
and Founder-Director of the Yale China-India Insights Program, Yale University,
Dr. Bhaskar Chakravorty, Professor, and Dean of Global Business, The Fletcher
School, Tufts University, Dr. Soumitra Dutta, Professor, and Former Dean, SC
Johnson College of Business, Cornell University, Dr. Sunil Dutta, Joan and Egon
von Kaschnitz Distinguished Professor of Accounting and International Business,
Haas Business School, University of California, Berkley.


And, Dr. Samir Mitragotri, Mellichamp Chair Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering,
University of California, Santa Barbara, Dr. Vistasp M. Karbhari, President-
The University of Texas at Arlington, Dr. Prasad Jayanti, James Frank Family Professor
of Computer Science, Dartmouth College, Dr. Anirudh Krishna, Edger T. Thompson
Professor of Public Policy and Political Science from Duke University, Dr. Sankaran
Sundaresan*, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Princeton University,
Dr. S.P. Kothari, Associate Dean of MIT Sloan School of Management,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT and Dr. Bhagwan Chowdhry,
Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

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