Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed meets AU Envoys

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has again ruled out dialogue with the leaders of the defiant Tigray region during a meeting with three African Union special envoys. Abiy told the envoys trying to end the deadly conflict between Ethiopian troops and Tigray’s forces that he is willing to speak to representatives “operating legally” in the region, The Associated Press news agency reported on Friday, According to Aljazeera news.

Abiy Ahmed Ali
My utmost gratitude to President ⁦@CyrilRamaphosa

⁩& his Special Envoys for their concerted effort to understand our rule of law operations. Receiving the wisdom & counsel of respected African elders is a precious continental culture that we value greatly in Ethiopia.



Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed meets AU Envoys #PMOEthiopia #EthiopiaPrevails #EndTPLFImpunity





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