COVID ERA: ION Thruster thrusting ways

By Neeraj Bajpai


COVID ERA:” Ion Thruster” thrusting ways

It was not long ago, A new device “Ion Thruster” came into being to effectively face the coronavirus infection in closed spaces. Now, it is making inroads in such spaces because of its “proven efficacy”.In the wake of fact that the virus has infected more than 190,000,000 and killed over 4,000,000, the device is known as the “Wolf mask” is catching up, say those who have floated this.     

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it could be quite risky for people to stay in closed spaces especially air-conditioned ones, And it was then an Alappuzha-based startup ‘All about Innovation’ claims to have found a solution, introducing the device ‘Wolf Airmask’. It naturally purifies the air, even with a moving crowd. In 2020, at the peak of the outbreak of the CoronaVirus Pandemic, An enterprising group of young people embarked on a mission to give an innovative solution for the pandemic to checkmate the spread of disease and it was Wolf Airmask.

The idea behind the name of the product Wolf Airmask was as the animal WOLF is known for its peculiar skill in hunting and our device ensures in being an effective air sterilizer, attenuating all the harmful microbes in the nook and corner of the indoor space in an effective manner.

According to the company, Within a month of launching ‘Wolf Airmask’, All about Innovations received international orders for 20,000 pieces of this pioneering device; received orders from 30 countries for its electronic air sterilization device that sterilizes air in real-time and reduces 99 percent of the coronavirus present indoors within minutes. Orders from abroad have come from European countries such as Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands, from the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia in the Gulf, among other GCC countries, countries in North America and Africa, besides Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Nepal.

Our organization is engaged in providing various solutions to stop spreading CoViD-19. Recently, we came out with an innovative product that works with the help of negative ions which deactivates various types of micro-organisms like viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc, including coronavirus. It is a scientifically proven technology by various labs.SNJ Distribution partner Sandeep Jain, now dealing with the device marketing strategies and distribution said while quoting media reports and literature said.

The domestic demand has come from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and West Bengal, besides Mumbai and Delhi. Some of our client where we have installed our products in India is National Institute of Virology, Alappuzha at the Virus specimen handling room, Kerala Bureau of Industrial Promotion, Trivandrum, Apollo Tyres, Disney Network, IOCL Bottling Plant, Cochin, Calicut, and Kollam to name a few. The device can be easily installed in Hospitals, Clinics, corporate offices, commercial spaces, residential places, hotels & restaurants, and spas & saloons among many others.

 This is also the only device tested against Sars Cov2 Virus. It was tested at RGCB (Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology) which is ICMR’s top-rated technology center under the Central Government

Wolf Airmask is a Non-Regulatory Medical Device, it is the only device in the world that can produce 100% negative ions efficiently to an area of 1000 sq. ft. and 10,000 cubic ft and produces no positive ions or ozone that is harmful in nature. The device is made in such a way that it eliminates air-borne germs in enclosed spaces where air circulation is low, the promoters say.

According to the company, the RGCB’s inference was that the device reduces the Covid Viral load to 99.9% in the air and surfaces. The Wolf Airmask device has been tested against other viruses and Bacteriophage MS2 as well. It shows the same efficiency. Tests were conducted at SGS and Dubai Municipality as well. All about Innovations is a company under the Start-up mission of the Kerala Government.

The nonregulatory device is designed for easiness and comfort as it is plug & play and requires no maintenance for 70,000 hours (approx eight years). The cost is Rs 29,500 to secure an area of 1000 sq ft and 10,000 cu ft. The device can be easily installed in corporate offices, commercial spaces, residential places, hotels & restaurants, and spas & saloons among many others.

The gadget that is developed by the ‘All-about Innovations private limited’ claims to reduce 99 percent of the novel coronavirus in just 15 minutes, according to the test held with support from the Indian Council of Medical Research.

All about Innovations founder Shyam Krishnan Kurup has reportedly said in media interviews the appliance when switched on would provide 360-degree protection and a 24×7 shield by sterilizing the air. This will also prevent the in-house transmission of viruses inside any space. The negative ions also have proven to enhance health and vitality, he said.

The air mask developed using German technology and with components from Denmark, can be used for 60,000 hours, spanning nine years. Facilitating purification of air up to a space of 1,000 square feet requires no service or change of parts.

The new tool will be of benefit to hospitals, laboratories, cinema halls, and banks where large gatherings are often expected. As per medical experts, the air mask has the capacity to deactivate microbes, bacteria, and fungus.“This will also prevent the in-house transmission of viruses inside any space. The negative ions have also proven to enhance health and vitality”, aver Shyam Kurup.

WOLF AIR MASK is based on Plasma Air Sterilization Technology, providing coverage up to 1000 sq. ft area with 10,000 cubic feet volume. The Wolf Airmask can discharge up to 100 trillion negative ions per cm3/second which bind with the surface protein/spike protein of coronavirus or any other harmful virus and microbes present in the air and neutralize it.

Recently, the device has even received Start-up India approval from the Central government. Apart from this, it has won a number of prestigious awards including the MSME Time-2-Leap – COVID Solution of the Year Award and the Business Mint-Nationwide Award – Social Innovation of the Year 2020.

The device can be easily installed in Hospitals, Clinics, corporate offices, commercial spaces, residential places, hotels & restaurants, and spas & saloons among many others. One device of the Wolf Airmask has also been placed in a high-risk chamber in the National Institute of Virology, where genome sequencing of various mutant strains of the Covid-19 virus is done.To date, Wolf Airmask has already been set up in a variety of places such as movie theatres, dental clinics, educational institutions, restaurants, and even amusement parks across the state

They say the device, WOLF AIR MASK is a 100% negative ion generator without any consumable or any other filter-based purification system; it is proven to be not emitting any harmful emissions or ozone gas. It weighs only 2.5 Kg and could be installed in a wall-mount manner; Unlike other fumigation systems and as it does not involve any chemicals, WOLF AIR MASK ensures that the useful microbes are not destroyed in the room.

Media reports quoting Balu James, a partner at All about Innovation, said that they had come up with the idea while they were working at COVID Cell in Alappuzha. According to him, it took over 45 minutes to disinfect an ambulance before taking in another patient. For disinfecting the ambulances, ozone sterilization is a common process abroad. But the main drawback is that it is quite expensive.

The ‘Wolf Air mask’ ruptures the SARS-CoV-2, has proven its efficiency at tests conducted by the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB), an autonomous institute of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.

The device, the creators claimed that the ozone generators and ion thrusters could sterilize the air using negative ions extracted from natural resources. As claimed by the company, the equipment can effectively prevent a possible infection from the mutated coronavirus.

Media reports quoting Mr. Boniface Gasper – Chief Scientific Officer & Director- All about Innovations said they have received all approvals and certifications (CE) necessary. To secure an area of 1000 sq. ft and 10,000 cu ft, the cost is just INR 29,500. This plug-and-play device (40 W Consumption), requires no maintenance for 70,000 hours (Approx. 8 Years).

He said, “Our first product was a technology we studied from Germany and we made the first 20mg ozone generation machines which were using corona discharge for production. Later, our scientists were able to come out with a better solution by enabling the air to sanitize itself by thrusting the air with negatively charged ions. Even though the technology was used in the world for a long time to treat other kinds of illness like asthma and depression, no one thought of enhancing the ions production to sanitize the air.

We were able to generate the trillion ions mark by our patent-pending design and attain the desired results. The results are now validated by many government agencies around the world including Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Dubai central laboratories, etc.”

He says It is the only device in the world that can produce 100 percent negative ions efficiently to an area of 1000 sq ft and 10,000 cu ft. It also helps in reducing the difficulty in Asthmatic Patients, reducing stress, boost immune system function, increase the metabolism of carbs and fats. It also helps regulate sleep patterns and mood. Negative ions have also been touted to help with depression and anxiety. A 2013 meta-analysis of 33 studies conducted in this area found that there is a correlation between exposure to negative ions and reduced levels of depression, although it had no effect on sleep or anxiety.

The Wolf Airmask can discharge up to 100 trillion negative ions per cm3/second which bind with the surface protein/spike protein of coronavirus or any other virus d microbes present in the air and neutralize it. When the device is placed in an area, it ensures that the nearby premises are purified within no time.

The product is ROHS-compliant, certified by CE, and has been tested at Dubai Central Laboratory and other NABL Labs.

Founded in 2020 by Sujesh Sugunan, Boniface Gasper, Linshad Latheef, Balu James, and Rahul Roy, All about Innovations is an electronic manufacturing company looking to develop solutions for problems across  In a bid to contain the airborne spread of Covid-19 by performing real-time sterilization, Kerala-based startup has developed the ‘Wolf-Air mask’, a protection gear from the deadly virus.




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