COVID 19 threatens to tear at the fabric of international cooperation :WHO DG

Unfazed by the quagmire of controversies in the wake of allegations mounted by the US President Donald, The WHO  DG Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus today has hailed member States for adopting the resolution, which calls for an independent and comprehensive evaluation of the international response – including, but not limited to, WHO’s performance.

In closing remarks to the 73rd world health assembly , He said, “As I said yesterday, I will initiate such an evaluation at the earliest appropriate moment. We welcome any initiative to strengthen global health security, and to strengthen WHO, and to be safer.

Today, In a surprise move, US President Donald Trump has given the World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus a 30-day deadline to make “major changes” – or the US would permanently cut off funding to the organization.

Putting everything in black and white, he said if the WHO did not “commit to major substantive improvements”, he would “make his temporary freeze of US funding permanent and reconsider our membership”.

In a tweet, Mr. Trump published his full letter to Mr. Ghebreyesus. He also called out the WHO for repeatedly “praising” China, saying the only way forward for it was to “demonstrate independence from China”.

(Yesterday, Addressing a virtual community, Dr. Tedros started his speech with a standing tribute to nurses and midwives, and all health workers, who have been on the front-lines saving lives. He ended with a powerful call for solidarity, stating: “Now more than ever, we need a healthier world. Now more than ever, we need a safer world. Now more than ever, we need a fairer world. And now more than ever, we need a stronger WHO. There is no other way forward but together.”

(Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China:”China will provide US$ 2 billion over 2 years to help with COVID-19 response, and with economic and social development in affected countries, especially developing countries”

Emmanuel Macron, President of France: “Only if we join forces will we beat this COVID-19 pandemic. We need a strong WHO and WHO is us: the Member States.”)

Today, DG said,As always, the WHO remains fully committed to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. We want accountability more than anyone.

And we will continue supporting countries to build resilient health systems, based on primary health care, to progress towards our shared goal of universal health coverage.”

He observed COVID-19 has robbed us of people we love; It has robbed us of lives and livelihoods; It has shaken the foundations of our world; It threatens to tear at the fabric of international cooperation.

But it has also reminded us that for all our differences, we are one human race, and we are stronger together. We may speak different languages, but we share the same DNA; We may adhere to different faiths, but we share the same aspirations for a peaceful and harmonious world; From east to west, north to south, everybody wants peace, development, and health – nothing else, that’s what human beings want, that’s what humanity wants. We may have different cultures and traditions, but we share the same planet.

He said checking and learning our lessons is in WHO’s DNA, and that’s what this report shows. I hope the recommendations of the independent committee will be taken seriously by the Member States. Some of the recommendations are to WHO, and we will take our share seriously.WHO’s the focus now is fighting the pandemic with every tool at our disposal.

“Our focus is on saving lives. At the end of the day, what matters is life. That should be at the center of everything we do, and everything we say.

I’ve been heartened by the way countries have shared experiences best practices through our regular Member State briefings and at this Assembly. We will continue providing strategic leadership to coordinate the global response and support efforts by countries. We will continue providing the world with epidemiological information and analysis.

“We will continue to keep the world informed and give people and communities the information they need to keep themselves and each other safe. We will continue shipping diagnostics, personal protective equipment and other medical supplies all over the world. We will continue bringing together leading experts from around the world to develop technical advice, based on the best science. We will continue driving research and development to develop evidence about vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

“We will continue working with countries and all relevant partners to ensure equitable access to the tools to prevent, detect, and treat COVID-19. We will continue supporting countries to prepare and respond. We will continue working with countries to sustain essential health services.

We will continue to work day and night to support the most vulnerable countries and populations.

We will continue supporting countries to achieve the “triple billion” targets and the Sustainable Development Goals.


For everything COVID-19 has taken from us, it has also given us something:

A reminder of what really matters;

And the opportunity to forge a common future.

Dark and difficult days may lie ahead, but guided by science, together we will overcome.

Let hope to be the antidote to fear.

Let solidarity be the antidote to division.

Let our shared humanity be the antidote to our shared threat.

Now, more than ever.”

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