Coronavirus infects 4.l0 million & killed 282 ,000 globally;China cases flaring up;India cases top 67,000

By Neeraj Bajpai 

More than 4.1 million coronavirus cases have been reported globally including more than 282,719 deaths, according to John Hopkins University’s global tracker of the pandemic.

The situation in India too has taken a grim turn with a sharp spike in cases which, according to the health ministry, have topped to 67,150 with over 2,206 deaths. The government, however, has decided to start a restricted number of trains on certain routes.

Today, India witnessed the biggest single-day jump of 4213 cases with ninety-seven deaths during the last 24 hours.

 At least 50 percent of these cases have been reported from five major cities. Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune in Maharashtra, Ahmedabad in Gujarat, and Chennai, Tamil Nadu’s capital are on high alert and all measures are being carried out to ensure social distancing.

South Korea, which had emerged a major hotspot after China in February, has again shown fresh cases. It has reported, the total number of confirmed cases is 10,909 and 256 deaths so far.

In Mexico, 35022 cases have come to light with more than 3,465 deaths..

China which was the epicenter previously has reported a total of 840, 10 cases and 4637 deaths. Fresh cases have started coming in China too.

The United States has been badly ravaged by the Corvid 19. Over 79,528 people died there. It has reported, 1,329,791 positive cases to date.

Another 3.2 million filed new US jobless claims last week, total claims filed since mid-March now 33.5 million, which is almost equal to 20 percent of the total US workforce.

The Russian Federation has registered a sharp swing of over 60 percent in coronavirus as compared to one week ago with the country reporting over, 209,688 coronavirus positive cases with 1915 deaths.

In Moscow, One person died after a fire broke out in a hospital treating coronavirus patients in northern Moscow, forcing an evacuation, emergency officials said Saturday. The Spasokukotsky hospital No. 50 was treating nearly 700 patients infected with the coronavirus as of Friday, according to the Moscow Times.

Brazil has also touched a grim milestone of having more than 162,699 cases with about 11,223.

According to Johns Hopkins University today, a total of 4,102,849 COVID -19 positive cases are there across the world, and another 282,719 people lost lives.

The UK has reported a total of 31,930 deaths so far and the total cases are 220,449. It has become the second-worst affected country in the World. It has pushed back Italy to third place that has 30,560 deaths. UK PM has asked people to stay alert but has announced a slew of relaxations and 14 days quarantine for those coming to UK by air travel.

Responding to the Prime Minister’s address to the nation about easing lockdown, Richard Burge, Chief Executive of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said: “Having heard the Prime Minister this evening, my strong and unequivocal advice to London businesses is not to change your plans for tomorrow. You have not been given sufficient information on how to get your employees safely to work, nor how to keep them safe while they are there.

“We hope that the statement in Parliament and the promised guidance documents will enable business to prepare.  At the moment, it would be foolish for any business leader to encourage staff not already undertaking essential work to do anything but to continue to work from home tomorrow if they can do so.”

Singapore has 23,336 cases and 20 deaths. In Norway, there are 8105 cases and 219 deaths have been reported.

In Pakistan, the total number of 30,334 cases is reported so far with 659 deaths. In Afghanistan, the case figures stand in 4402 and 120 deaths. In Saudi Arabia, 39048 cases surfaced with 246 deaths. Iran has reported a total of 6,640 deaths and 107,603 cases. In UAE, The death toll is 198 and cases are 181, 98

In Bangladesh, over 14,657 cases were reported and it has lost 228 lives. In Sri Lanka, 855 cases came into light with nine deaths only. In Nepal and Bhutan, there are no deaths but both reported 109 and seven cases respectively.

In the WHO’s European region of 54 countries, total 1,684,177 cases were reported so far with 154,275 deaths.

Spain has so far reported 244,350 cases, and 26,621 deaths while Italy’s death toll remained at 30,560 and cases touched 219,070. In Germany, there are 171,324 cases and over 7,569 deaths. France has reported 177094 cases and 26,383 deaths against Japan’s 15,777 cases and 624 deaths. Sweden has reported more than 3225 deaths and 26,322 cases. Canada has reported 70,091 cases and 4991 deaths.

WHO has warned about 1, 90,000 people may die in the African region if adequate steps were not taken for the containment.

A report from Brazzaville said Eighty-three thousand to 190 000 people in Africa could die of COVID-19 and 29 million to 44 million could get infected in the first year of the pandemic if containment measures fail, a new study by the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Africa finds. The research, which is based on prediction modeling, looks at 47 countries in the WHO African Region with a total population of one billion.

As civilian casualties mount across Syria and human rights violations continue unabated, the UN rights chief expressed serious concern on Friday that some parties to the conflict, including ISIL terrorist fighters, maybe using the COVID-19 pandemic as “an opportunity to regroup and inflict violence on the population”.


Calling the deteriorating situation “a ticking time-bomb that must not be ignored”, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet lamented: We are receiving more reports every day of targeted killings and bombings from one end of the country to the other, with many such attacks taking place in populated areas”.

A record of 20.5 million American jobs lost in April. The unemployment rate soars to 14.7%.
US President has hoped this would be the week he emerged into a nation recovering from the pandemic. Instead, the pandemic came to him. One of his valets at the oval office has tested positive.
Two days later, Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary also tested positive, setting off another round of tests, delaying the vice president’s trip to Iowa.

Mr. William W. Beach, US Commissioner Bureau of Labor Statistics today in a statement said Nonfarm payroll employment declined by 20.5 million in April, and the unemployment rate increased to 14.7 percent, Reflecting the widespread impact on the job market of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and efforts to contain it. Employment fell sharply in all major industry sectors, with a particularly large decline in the leisure and hospitality sector.


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