Avian Influenza in Crows in Dangs district,Gujarat; Delhi Ghazipur Mandi ban revoked

Status of Avian Influenza in the country

In view of the reports received from the designated laboratory that samples of commercial poultry from Ghazipur Mandi, Delhi confirmed that these were negative for AI,  Union Husbndary Minister, Giriraj Singh emphasized removing the ban on the sale of poultry and poultry products in a virtual meeting today along with the Deputy CM  Manish Sisodia and Mayors of MCD Delhi. The Government of NCT of Delhi revoked the aforementioned ban with immediate effect.

On 14th January 2021 additional cases of avian influenza among crows have been confirmed in Dangs district of Gujarat. After successfully finishing the culling operations, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have completed sanitization activities.

In Haryana, samples from four poultry farms have been confirmed to be positive for avian influenza (H5N8). The farms are Maharaja poultry farm in Khatauli; Tara poultry farm, Batour and Singla poultry farm in Mauli village of Panchkula district of Haryana.

The central teams formed for monitoring the situation in the affected areas of the country are visiting the affected sites and conducting epistemological studies. The Department requested the Ministry of Civil Aviation GOI to allow uninterrupted transportation of samples for expeditious testing of Avian Influenza in designated laboratories.

In the light of the findings that many states were banning the supply of poultry and poultry products from other states, it was suggested to review such policy as this would add to the negative impact on the poultry industry. Further, there is no scientific report available that infection of AI viruses spread through processed products. Consumption of well-cooked chicken and eggs does not pose any risk to humans.


Following the advisories of the department, states are undertaking awareness generation activities through newspaper advertisements, social media platforms, etc. Also, constant efforts to generate awareness about Avian Influenza and how to deal with the situation are being shared among the general public through various media platforms including social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook handles.


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