Ah ! To be an American !!

By C Anand Velayudhan

Ah! To be an American !!

President Biden’s White House American Rescue Plan Team in coordination with the DHUD ( department of Housing and Urban Development) and the US Department of Treasury announced another spectacular aid program for their citizens.
American citizens facing uncertainties over their ability to honor rental dues have friendly Biden – Harris to their rescue. Many middle-class landlords who would have otherwise evicted their cash-strapped tenants, will now refrain from the extreme steps during these harsh times.
Hours ago the American government announced a US $ 21.6 billion aid to renter overcome their crisis. This aid ( of 15000 crore rupees) will go directly to renters accounts as disaster relief to a pandemic-stung economy.
A fact sheet released by the Treasury states that about 7 million people fear falling behind on their rent payments due to loss of jobs or another pandemic-related suffering. The government noted that about 40 percent of those people dreaded the prospect of being asked to vacate their tenancies. Alike responsible government Biden administration moved swiftly to allocate funds for these citizens.
Having to relocate has severe ramifications for citizens, the government realized, especially for kids who may need to shift schools. Other long-lasting impacts of having to leave the support of a neighborhood of friends and acquaintances lead to varied health and psychological issues are some of issues that prompted governmental aid.
Another crucial aspect of this financial assurance is the setting aside of paperwork that usually follows such programs. Also wherever the landlords were reluctant to participate in this program, provisions are built-in for the direct transfer of cash to renters’ accounts.
It pays to be an American taxpayer after all.




Ah! To be an American !!/Ah! To be an American !!/Ah! To be an American !!/Ah! To be an American !!

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