Why should I advertise on Newsabode?


•We value Relevance!: Newsabode has a holistic coverage of major news events. Our website focuses exclusively on issues concerning common public. It is a professional venture by veteran journalists of major media platforms and is accessed by thousands of readers with multiple interests daily.
•Be Seen!: News abode has a linkage of global networks. With us you can connect with an engaged and influential audience of policy makers, news makers, professionals and discerning readers that watch our website for latest developments of significance in daily life. It is a touch point of professionals from different avenues.
•We are consistent!- We offer attractive and customized packages for our partners. We believe in consistency to deliver long time results and nurture our relationships for the benefit of our readers and partners. Send us your ad with a powerful message and we will make sure our readers see your ad repeatedly and for long time periods.
•We value sentiments!-Make a friend, Make a sale. We value the sentiments of our readers and encourage maximum engagement with the desired clientele through a totally unbiased media platform.
•Long shelf life!- Magazines, Newspapers or any other kind of print media expires after their release period weather its monthly or weekly. Digital ads stay!
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