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After being in journalism for almost four decades, I feel it is time to float an independent and bold media platform to serve discerning readers with objective news packed with truth and substance as also analysis of major contemporary events that touch our lives. The upcoming general elections will obviously receive our special attention. We know there are several ventures of this kind, but we assure readers of our complete objectivity in dealing with issues and events truthfully in the larger public interest. We have a team of experienced and professional journalists who have worked with major publications in the past.

  We are making a modest beginning with little resources at hand, but we promise truth and objectivity will not be compromised in the content and quality of our delivery. It is a non-profit venture with the primary objective to serve readers to the best of our ability on issues concerning the common man, including social and political happenings of the day. Needless to say, we will cover more and more topics of interest as we grow. We will feel encouraged if the readers share our content on social media platforms and give us their feedback.

 Our website,  www.newsabode.com,  is one of the key media ventures of our company with headquarters in Vaishali, Ghaziabad (UP),  National Capital Territory of New Delhi.


Neeraj Bajpai

Chief Editor,

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